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About us

NARII (New Age Revolution In India) Foundation, established in the year 2016 is a non-government organisation catering to the welfare of women and not-so-privileged girl child. Since inception, NARII (New Age Revolution In India) is working seamlessly towards improved quality of life, health, education, women empowerment and mankind at large. NARII Foundation works towards establishing a connection between the different monetary and social dimensions of the society in order to provide a powerful force making an impact to the society with peace, healing, smiles and a positive shift in the cultural dimensions.

We at NARII Foundation wish to promote the skills of our women around the globe and empower them with strength and dignity to enjoy the best of the things and stand independently making a mark and filling the void with their enhanced knowledge, interpersonal skills and confidence to face the world and challenges thrown their way.

A group of friends, turned their vision of creating a “New Age Revolution In India” created NARII with the aim of working towards the development of an educated world in an organisation working selflessly towards women empowerment and betterment of the society. A team of professional feminists ensure every project at NARII Foundation is successfully executed and we enrich as many livelihoods as we possibly can. With your help, we are sure to succeed with flying wings and reduce the social and religious divides of the society, enabling the lower division of the feminine society to empower themselves.

NARII Foundation is engaged in diverse welfare activities executed under the supervision of Mr. Manish Sinha predominantly in the fields of health, education, environmental awareness, child welfare and women empowerment.

“NARII Foundation” is set up to carry out all such activities as may be necessary for the welfare of the members of the society and to inspire and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.