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Mission “निरोग” Narii (Women Health)

“Women’s health needs to be the front and center, it often isn’t but needs to be” ~Cynthia Nixon

Mission Women Health caters to the overall well-being of women, especially in the field of menstruation. The women around the society suffer in silence due to negligence and traditional practices of the pre-dominant male society. Although, since independence, India has seen a tremendous change in the genre of women empowerment, but the basic thought process of the society still dominates women and is ashamed of having a girl child taking birth in families.

We at NARII look forward to making a change and educating women about the health hazards caused due to unhygienic conditions, bad sanitary situations, unhygienic toilets and living standards.

With our project “Taboo of Blood” we look forward to imparting the correct education and bestow the perfect knowledge amongst the Indian women and enlighten them with better living standards, preventing RTI’s and UTI’s, cancer, Toxic Shock Syndrome and many more health conditions arising due to bad and dirty lifestyle. NARII Foundation works to bring healthcare awareness and services to every doorstep and provide support lines, wherein the women and children can approach and clear their doubts over health issues they are ashamed of asking anyone else.

In the Indian society, women have been programmed to keep silent over the entire prospect of “Menstruation”, and not discuss any issues with the male gender as Menstruation is considered to be a shame, making women go through various taboos of the society. NARII team works towards inculcating better living habits and ensuring the Menstruation taboos are eradicated from the society.

A women’s health is not just about physical well-being but is closely associated in tandem with her mental well-being. Women need to be mentally and emotionally fit through counselling and advisories for better judgments of her future prospects and life goals.

Common Health Problems faced by women of India:

  •  Malnourishment
  •  Early pregnancies
  •  Maternal Health
  •  Breastfeeding Knowledge
  • Dental problems
  • Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • UTI’s and RTI’s
  • Lack of proper toilets


We at NARII work extensively towards creating awareness and imparting the needful knowledge to the women of our society to live a healthier lifestyle and be sustained enough to bring up their child in a balanced atmosphere with proper hygiene. We curate programs and organize workshops for women and children taking every health concern into consideration and working in accordance with a team of qualified doctors to inculcate good habits and knowledge about the importance of proper nutrition and clean living standards. We look forward for volunteers and funds to help the women of our society.

The preservation of health is better than the cure of disease.