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Mission Parichay (Women Empowerment)

Women hold the maximum population around the world and most countries are facing issues in order to empower them, our nation stands no far away from the scenario. Developing countries face their own set of challenges in educating the girl child, giving opportunities to women for showcasing their talents or improving their stature in the society. The urban areas have drastically seen women coming to the top with their inherent talents and upliftment programmes, whereas the rural and tribal areas still need support for upliftment of their women and bringing a change to the society.

Khud se Khud ka Parichay

Like every child in their early years, a girl has dreams equal to that of a boy; whereas the biased culture of our nation encourages the boy to achieve their dreams whereas cut the wings of girls and push them into early marriage, low education, culture boundary’s and the myth ridden society taboos. The girls are brought up to obey, stay inside, kill their dreams and handle only their families and take care of their children or face the challenges of life due to low family income and the male dominated ego’s of their families and partners. This thought process of the society gives birth to crimes and higher death ratios of women due to early marriage, pregnancies and low knowledge of handling babies.

Is Aazaadi ki Jung ko hum zaroor jeetenge

NARII Foundation takes the initiative of encouraging women to get in touch with their childhood love for art and craft and bring forward a change by providing them with varied platforms for showcasing their talents and earning through the basic day-to-day chores they use like sewing, stitching, art, paintings, cooking and other skills in-depth inculcation within them since childhood.

Our programmes would include:

  • Organizing workshops to monitor and enhance their skills with the help of industry known mentors.
  • Organizing events or exhibitions to showcase their talent.
  • Making them aware of the global trends.
  • Help them enhance their skills and become independent individuals
  • Providing them material for art and purchasing their created products from them to sell in the industry.
  • Provide guidance over health and nutrition for a wholesome diet.
  • Help gaining computer knowledge for their basic chores and learn to take the help of the internet to stay updated with the latest developments around the world.
  • Provide vocational education to the women like beautician, handicrafts and more.
  • Give them the chance to project their talent to the world, irrespective of the skills they endorse; although we would be providing materials for only art & craft or stitching & sewing.
  • NARII volunteers would help getting them employment in industries to earn a generous living income to support them in respect to the skills they with-hold.

NARII Foundation with its team and volunteer support work with the motto of welfare socio-economic development of the society for the poor women from the rural areas in different parts of the country. The women irrespective of their financial status and low or nil educational backgrounds, hold immense knowledge and talents in different genres of art, and they can make a big difference for themselves and the society if given a chance.

“All I need is a Chance”

We wish to spread the love and warmth to the disadvantaged backgrounds of our society by uplifting them and encouraging them to generate income by their natural talents and make a difference. We support the rural and poor women in need of utmost help by giving them guidance as to how they can move ahead with their new personality and provide them the correct path to walk on and bring a paradigm change for the female gender of the nation.

NARII Foundation struggles to liberate women in the right direction through social rights and provide them the respect they deserve, a less practiced phenomenon around the nation; adding up to supporting their families financially by achieving the required formal training.

We pledge to sensitize the society by imparting awareness and providing the right platforms to the women in need and who wish to touch the sky with their inherent qualities and skills.

“No one can make you feel Inferior without your Consent” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt