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Mission Saathi

Mission Saathi (Child Welfare and Education Sponsorship Programme)

Project “Mission Saathi” was initiated by Mr. Manish Kumar Sinha though the formation of a non-government organization named NARII Foundation with the motive of educating the not-so-privileged girl child and women of India. Mr. Manish Kumar Sinha, the president of NARII Foundation took this initiative with a strong belief that educated women hold the power to change the world and face life challenges giving rise to a stronger economic and social change to the nation.

NARII Foundation identifies and rehabilitates the out-of-school children and uneducated women around the rural and urban cities and help them achieve their dreams with quality education. Educating them is our aim, we wish to annihilate poverty obstructing education for the BPL category of the society.

A widespread gap between education and literacy exists in our society wherein the children face socio-economic burdens for their welfare through the total family income being substandard and low, specially for the girl child. The rural Indian families show low interest in educating the girl child, and prefer spending money only for the education of their son’s. We at NARII Foundation pledge to help the needy and school drop outs with our “Mission Saathi” by helping them get sponsors or funds for their continuous development and eradicating illiteracy from the society.

As per the latest reports, only 54% of rural girl child continues her education after class V, wherein the government of India is working towards taking the girl child education percentage to higher numbers. NARII Foundation supports the cause and extends its hands to every child in need. We hereby request every individual who thinks a girl child is in need of a sponsor for studies, to connect with NARII Foundation. We would look into the matter and help them get into schools again and sponsor their education through the help of the urban and influential income generating strata od the society.

The statistics show that barely 10% of the rural girl gets the chance of getting her education from proper colleges for better future prospects and graduation.

Education not only imparts improved quality of life, but also opens doors to diverse fields of income and prospective career growth. We live in the 21st century and “Mission Saathi” aims to deliver quality education to every child and women providing them with the skills and knowledge required to thrive through the socio-economic ladder and craft a better future.

Beginning from the Pre-School care to post graduation, we wish to help and promote learning and education in all spheres of the community by providing students and needful the right platform; influencing global and national policies, eradicating child labor, poverty, violence, hunger and women body trading from the society. Despite all odds, the children and women never stop dreaming, we at NARII (New Age Revolution in India) wish to give colors to their dreams and give them reasons to smile.

Opportunity to study – Go to Schools – Get Education – is what they lack
They deserve to live their childhood or carefree lives.

We at NARII are committed to helping the needy irrespective of their caste, origin or gender – to smile, dream, play, learn, make friends and live a normal life of a child and not limit their life’s to hardworking childhood. Every child deserves to live and hope – away from the negativities of the society; only then will India have an aspiring youth and future leaders. With the persistence of providing them good health, education, career goals and smiles, we want them to live a dignified life for themselves, their families and the society at large.

Making the conscious choice of supporting the initiative of higher education of the girl child in India, NARII Foundation works towards improving the living standards and educating the illiterate through the fellowship programme “Mission Saathi”.

Mission Saathi is not solely dependent for the girl child, rather the objective holds the need of helping the physically and mentally challenged and male child education in tandem. As it is a well-known fact, the Indian society does not really appreciate the physically challenged around them, we would encourage normal education for them and help them get a career oriented future prospect for their lives while getting them sponsors and connecting them to normal day schools for proper education.

Education is a gift for life. Sponsor a child and give them a beautiful life.

NARII Foundation with the help of its team helps unlock the potential of children and give them a chance to live their dreams. Every child is beautiful and holds high potentials and an abundance of talent, which just needs to be explored with learning opportunities. NARII Foundation walks the path of making their dreams become reality holding hands of our supporters and sponsors.

Mission saathi is an educational sponsorship programme striving to support the academically talented children, who drop-out of school due to their socio-economic constraints, especially the girl child; including the physically and mentally handicapped.

The sponsorship programme “Mission Saathi” would ask contributors and sponsors to adopt a child’s education and help us achieve our goals by supporting their learning journey. Mission Saathi offers sponsorships in the following ways:

  •  Monthly Sponsorship (INR 1000/-)
  •  Quarterly Sponsorship (INR 1800/-)
  • Half-yearly Sponsorship (INR 3000/-)
  • Yearly Sponsorship (INR 5000/-)


The sponsorship stipends hereby would include the following for every child:

  • Education
  • Uniforms
  • Stationary
  • Food


Mission Saathi also encourages the sponsors to meet the child in need and take proper feedbacks from them and understand their further needs – encourage them to flair well and make them feel safe and supported. Although the children are encouraged to keep in touch with their sponsors and give them progress reports every year.

“One Child, One Teacher, One Pen, One Book Can Change the World.” ~ Malala Yousafzai

Mission Saathi beneficiaries:

  • Girl Child (10-18 years)
  • Boy Child (10-18 years)
  • Women (18-21 years)
  • Physically Challenged


Mission Saathi Objective:

  • To arrange sponsors and financial support for the socio-economically challenged to pursue higher education.
  • To provide workshops for hygiene and grooming through personality development mentors.
  • To widen horizons for better future prospects and career opportunities.
  • To increase the literacy level of girls and women in the society and give rise to responsible citizens.
  • Special assistance to meritorious students seeking to pursue higher studies.
  • Health check up and camps.
  • Parental guidance and counselling.

In addition to this, we have two schools successfully running under NARII (New Age Revolution In India) Foundation taking quality education into retrospect and provides students with extra-curricular activities, holistic development with health and nutrition knowledge.

Mission Saathi – a sponsorship program designed to allow individuals to support the cause of girl child and women education in India and look forward to join hands with corporates and individuals to spread smiles. Support online and Join us in our efforts to take them a step closer to their dreams and get every child to the school they deserve.

Lets join hands to make this change happen with the help of education. Sponsor a child today and help us raise funds to support as many children and women as we can.

“Only by Giving are you able to Receive more than you already have” ~ Jim Rohn